A home are a part giving accessibility an attribute off an object or a class

When the effective return type of a method is not void and the method has an expression body, E , the expression shall be implicitly convertible to the effective return type, and the body is exactly equivalent to a block body of the form < return>.

the importance-coming back F approach leads to a secure-big date mistake just like the handle is flow off the stop of one’s means muscles. The brand new Grams and H steps try best since the every you can delivery pathways bring about a return statement you to definitely determine a profit value. This new We method is best, due to the fact the body is comparable to a statement take off with just just one come back declaration with it. stop analogy

14.seven.step 1 Standard

Examples of services include the length of a string, how big an excellent font, the newest caption off a windows, the name from a buyers, and stuff like that. Features is an organic expansion out-of industries-both are entitled users with related brands, in addition to syntax to possess accessing fields and you may properties is similar. Yet not, instead of sphere, properties do not denote sites places. Rather, characteristics provides accessors one establish new comments to-be conducted when its values is actually see or created. Properties for this reason provide a procedure having associating strategies towards studying and you will writing regarding an object’s functions; additionally, they enable such as for instance qualities becoming determined.

A house_declaration vary from a set of characteristics (§21) and a valid mixture of this new five availableness modifiers (§fourteen.step 3.6), brand new (§fourteen.3.5), static (§fourteen.seven.2), digital (§fourteen.six.cuatro, §14.eight.6), override (§fourteen.six https://datingranking.net/pl/pure-recenzja/.5, §fourteen.seven.6), closed (§fourteen.6.6), conceptual (§14.6.7, §14.7.6), and you may extern (§fourteen.6.8) modifiers.

The type of a home report determine the type of the fresh assets produced from the age (§fourteen.6.1) determine title of the property. Until the home is an explicit user interface affiliate implementation, the affiliate_name’s merely an enthusiastic identifier. To own a specific user interface representative implementation (§17.6.2), the latest user_term consists of an interface_sorts of accompanied by good ” . ” and you can an identifier.

A property_body may either consist of an accessor body or an expression body. In an accessor body, accessor_declarations, which shall be enclosed in ” < ">” tokens, declare the accessors (§14.7.3) of the property. The accessors specify the executable statements associated with reading and writing the property.

An expression body consisting of => followed by an expression E and a semicolon is exactly equivalent to the statement body < get>> , and can therefore only be used to specify getter-only properties where the result of the getter is given by a single expression.

A property_initializer may only be provided with getting an instantly implemented property (§fourteen.seven.4), and causes the fresh initialization of the underlying realm of eg features to your worthy of given by the word.

As the sentence structure for accessing a house is the identical due to the fact you to for an industry, a property is not categorized since a changeable. Thus, it is not you’ll be able to to successfully pass a home given that an excellent ref or away disagreement.

When property statement includes an extern modifier, the home is claimed to-be an external possessions. Because the an external possessions declaration brings no actual execution, each one of the accessor_declarations include an effective semicolon.

fourteen.7.dos Static and you can eg features

When a house report comes with a static modifier, the property is considered as a fixed assets. When no static modifier is obtainable, the house or property is alleged as an incident assets.

A fixed house is perhaps not for the a specific particularly, and is an accumulate-date error to refer to that particular throughout the accessors away from a static property.

A situation house is on the certain illustration of a category, which for example can be utilized as this (§eleven.eight.12) about accessors of these assets.