For the , Vow is actually arrested for destroying Stefano

For the , photographs evidence of a man coordinating Stefano’s breakdown is observed in Prague. DNA tested on the body for the Stefano’s grave verified he had been nonetheless live. Steve is actually section of a tiny Salem people you to decided to go to Prague to track down Stefano and you may arrest him, so Pledge might be cleared of all of the fees. In , it apprehended Stefano from the masquerade ball, however, he escaped.

Steve wanted to has actually a DNA attempt to confirm should your son try his child

Steve visited an area alone where it absolutely was showed that Shane was actually posing due to the fact Stefano all the together additionally the two had turned Stefano’s system that have another one, therefore, the DNA wouldn’t fits. Since the Shane is looking at protection footage, the guy noticed men one resembled Stefano on the cover video footage. Steve joked that it was clipped seeing Stefano serving the fresh new pigeons. Shane scoffed it was genuine adorable, but said it wasn’t him. Steve advised Shane both discover jak wysЕ‚aД‡ komuЕ› wiadomoЕ›Д‡ na meet24 Stefano is actually dry and that man merely occurred to appear particularly him. Shane scoffed that he considered that too, leaving them each other so you’re able to ponder in the event the Stefano had been live and you will online.

When Steve and you may Shane returned to Salem getting their and you may Kayla’s relationship, both determined that Stefano is actually too weak to complete things and you may would probably never ever go back to Salem again. It couldn’t worry about and you will said the Phoenix would not rise once again. Stephanie returned to Salem towards the marriage and Steve and you can Kayla reily during the attendance.

For the February 8, Steve discovers of Raymond, the person he came across inside Jakarta this past year that baby the guy and you will Ava Vitali had is actually live. Raymond informs him you to a boy stumbled on your searching for their physiological parents. The guy went through their suggestions and you can realized he was the little one Martino Vitali had given your. He has the new beginning certification having Steve’s name noted due to the fact father. Raymond has not informed the fresh man some thing, since if the guy do, he’s going to getting stuck for illegally promoting children. Very Raymond informed your that he’s in Arizona and you may provided him his get in touch with card discover your.

Steve imagine Shane are kidding, however, Shane said that he never ever decided to go to the fresh new playground and you can provided pigeons

To the March 23, for the Washington, Steve and you may Kayla trace Tripp in order to a good diner. In the event that proprietor arrives using their menus, they query once a worker away from his – Tripp Dalton (Lucas Adams). The property owner snaps which he no more functions here. The guy believes the kid was passing out 100 % free restaurants so you can their pals. They see the people’s black eye in which he admits this has related to Tripp. He happens and you can Steve looks crushed. Kayla provides upwards his morale when he is concerned that Tripp maybe since stressed since the Ava are. Abruptly, the proprietor initiate screaming and you can Tripp looks. Steve’s eye widens since Tripp yells during the manager to have groping Celia, several other employee, and you will need the cash he’s due. Steve stages in and you will attempts to representative peace but ultimately ends up showing up in proprietor. Tripp thank-you Steve and you can asks just who he’s. He says to your which he believes he’s his father.

They establish on their own and you can tell him their mom Ava never informed your she is expecting. Steve says to your out-of how the girl dad pushed the woman giving Tripp up. Tripp questioned a lot more questions regarding their mother, when he wonders where she’s. Steve promised to share with him that which you immediately following the guy is sold with him to Salem to possess a DNA test done to prove that he’s his father. Tripp assented, if in case the newest police arrive to help you arrest Tripp and you may Steve, Steve treated the challenge.