Monetary Tool: The new dirham (dh) is actually a newspaper currency away from one hundred Moroccan centimes

You can find gold coins of 1, 5, 10, and 20 Moroccan centimes and you can ? , step 1, and 5 dirhams, and cards of five, 10, 50, one hundred, and you may 200 dirhams. dh1 = $0.11390 (otherwise $1 = dh8.78) by 2005.

HOLIDAYS: The newest Year’s Day, step 1 January; Wedding of King’s Accession, step 3 February; Labor Go out, 1 Will get; National Time, 14 August; Wedding of one’s Environmentally friendly February, 6 November; Freedom Go out, 18 November. Moveable religious holidays become ‘Id al-Fitr, ‘Id al-Adha’, 1st out-of Muharram (Muslim New year), and you will Milad an-Nabi.

Area, Size, And you will The total amount

Based within northwestern part from Africa, having its northern- really point simply 31 kilometer (18 mi) southern off Gibraltar, Morocco states a total area of 446,550 sq . km (172,414 sq mi), of which the new Western Sahara comprises 252,120 sq . km (97,344 sq mi). The newest West Sahara is alleged and you may given by the Morocco, however, since 2006, sovereignty remained unresolvedparatively, the room filled by the Morocco was somewhat bigger than the state regarding Ca. Morocco extends step 1,809 kilometres (step one,124 mi) ne – sw and you may 525 kilometer (326 mi) se – nw. Morocco correct is actually bordered into the letter by Mediterranean sea in addition to a couple Foreign language enclaves out of Ceuta and you can Melilla, on the age and se from the Algeria, towards s by the Western Sahara, and on new w because of the Atlantic Ocean, which have an entire homes edge duration of dos,018 kilometer (1,254 mi) and a coastline of 1,835 kilometer (step 1,140 mi).


Morocco proper try split into three natural places: (1) the new rich northern seaside basic along side Mediterranean, that also consists of Emergency room Rif, slopes differing from inside the elevation up to on the dos,eight hundred meters (8,100 base); (2) this new steeped plateaus and you can lowlands lying amongst the around three synchronous range of your own tough Atlas Mountains, and this stretch regarding Atlantic coast regarding southwestern so you’re able to Algeria additionally the Mediterranean on the northeast; and you will (3) brand new semiarid area from inside the southern area and you may east Morocco, and that merges to the Sahara Wilderness. The fresh Atlas Slopes, with an average elevation out-of step three,350 meters (11,one hundred thousand ft), include a number of the highest peaks of Northern Africa, plus Mt. Toubkal (cuatro,165 m/13,665 ft), the greatest of all the. Southern area of your own Atlas will be Anti-Atlas Hills, which have volcanic Mt. Siroua (step 3,300 m/ten,800 feet). This new Western Sahara try rugged, sandy, and sparsely inhabited, unsuited getting agriculture but high in phosphate dumps.

Morocco provides the really detailed river program within the Northern Africa. Moroccan canals generally move southern otherwise westward to your Atlantic or southeastward to your this new Sahara; the Moulouya (Muluya), an exception, circulates 560 km (348 mi) northeast on Atlas with the Mediterranean. Principal canals having outlets throughout the Atlantic will be Oumer, Rebia, Sebou (Sebu), Bou Regreg, Tensift, Draa, and you can Sous (Sus). The latest free teen hookup apps Ziz (Zis) and you can Rheris are the chief streams moving southward on Sahara.


The new tough hill selections and Atlantic Ocean average the fresh exotic temperature out-of Morocco. Temperatures inside the Casablanca range from the typical minimum of 7 ° c (forty-five ° f) to a maximum of 17 ° c (63 ° f) in January and you can off no less than 18 ° c (64 ° f) so you’re able to a maximum of 26 ° c (79 ° f) inside July. Temperature distinctions are apparently brief over the Atlantic shore, as indoor is actually characterized by significant variations. The fresh east slopes of Atlas Hills, and therefore divert the fresh new dampness-packed Atlantic wind gusts, has a rigid pre-Saharan climate, since the western mountains is seemingly cool and well-watered. The newest wet 12 months are from October to help you November and you will regarding ; 100 cm/30 – 40 when you look at the) occurs in the fresh northwest. The rest of the nation receive way less; 1 / 2 of every arable land get only about thirty-five cm (fourteen inside the) annually.